Rania Shaheen explodes in anger Hisham El-Meligy’s face and reveals a very dangerous secret that has been hidden for 6 years!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Recently, the statements of the Egyptian artist Hisham El-Meligy against his colleague and neighbor, the artist Rania Shaheen, in which he said that she interferes in his personal life, caused a violent response from her.

The artist, Shaheen, said that he suffers from depression due to his lack of participation in new works, out of anger.

Rania wrote through her official account on “Facebook”: “What life, Hisham, that I am entering into, no disturbance, it has reached this point. If you want to be famous, you will keep knowing you well. Shame on you, you are an old man, and may God protect us from bad old age, God suffices us and the grace of the agent.”

And she continued: “This man, you group of workers, is talking to my friends and saying lies. I have written you. Is this my esteemed neighbour?”

This had been demanded by the artist Hisham El-Meligy; His friend, the artist Rania Shaheen, not to interfere in his life again, as he posted on his Facebook account Rania Shaheen’s statements about him on the People’s Talk program and commented on her: “Professor Rania, you volunteered and intervened in my life without permission… and you said words that are not true .. No one asked you for help, and you are determined to annoy me.. Please do not leave my resume again in any dialogue or intervention.. Thank you.”


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