Russia and Ukraine: It is not only China that is breaking Moscow’s isolation – The Guardian


Putin (second from right) during his meeting with Imran Khan (second from left)

picture released, AFP

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Putin (second from right) receives Imran Khan (second from left) at the Kremlin on February 24, the day the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

We start our tour with the Guardian newspaper, which came with an editorial titled “The Guardian view on Putin and the world: It’s not just about China.”

The newspaper wrote that days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when Russia recognized the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent republics, one of the strongest condemnations came from Kenyas envoy to the United Nations.

She noted that “in two United Nations General Assembly resolutions – the first condemning the invasion, and the second blaming Russia for creating a humanitarian crisis – 140 or more countries agreed. Only four voted with Russia to oppose the two resolutions and they are a group of rogue states that include Belarus, Eritrea, Syria, and North Korea.”

“However, widespread condemnation along with unexpected Western unity should not be mistaken for Russia’s isolation. Having boasted of a “borderless” relationship (with Moscow), China shares a common interest in the face of the global power of the United States and NATO ( (NATO), China is now seeking to portray itself on a more subtle side and avoid economic and political damage – but it is not, in fact, it is not distancing itself from Russia. Beijing is not alone. Few of the world’s most populous countries, and only a few prominent players outside The West, they criticized Putin.”

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