Russia announces the end of military operations in these areas


Konashenkov said during a briefing that the purpose of the regroupment of the Russian Armed Forces is to intensify actions in priority areas and, above all, to complete “the operation to completely liberate Donbass.”

explained Konashenkov that in the first stage of the special operation it was planned to force the enemy to concentrate its forces, means, resources and military equipment for the defense of large areas in these directions, including Kyiv.

Konashenkov added: “To connect them on the battlefield without storming these cities, in order to avoid losses among the civilian population, and to defeat the armed formations of the Kyiv regime so that it could not use these forces in DonbassAll of these goals have been achieved.”

Konashenkov announced that operational and tactical aircraft and drones had struck 69 military installations in the country Ukraine Wednesday.

Among the facilities are three command centers, two multiple launch missile systems facilities, eight ammunition depots, missile and artillery weapons, and 52 strongholds and concentration areas for military equipment.

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