Russia is developing new satellites with indigenous components


Roscosmos Corporation announced that experts in Russia have begun work on a project to develop a new generation of satellites equipped with indigenous components, RT reported.

On the subject, the director of the Foundation, Dmitry Rogozin, said, “RosCosmos has begun work on a project to develop a new generation of Express-RV satellites intended to provide communications and Internet services to the Earth.”

He added, “We can say that work has begun on the development of these satellites. We will sign contracts to manufacture them with the Russian company Reshetnyov in April of this year. Express-RV satellites will be made from components developed in Russia.”

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development had previously indicated that “the Express-RV system of Russian satellites will provide communications for transportation in remote regions of the Russian Federation, as well as secure high-speed Internet networks in the Arctic regions and the Northern Sea Route, and will benefit from the networks Planes, trains, buses, and road trucks.

Earlier, Roscosmos noted that the Sphere system it intends to develop in space will include 7 Express-class satellites, 4 new Express-RV satellites, 12 Skif satellites dedicated to securing wide-area Internet networks, and 264 Marathon satellites dedicated to the Internet of Things, in addition to to 2 Yamal-class communications satellites, 3 Smotr Earth remote sensing satellites, 84 Berkut-O and Berkut-VD satellites, and 12 Berkut-X and Berkut-XLP satellites.


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