Russia: Putin is ready to meet Zelensky “on one condition”


Lavrov said at a press conference in Moscow, on Monday, that Putin Don’t mind meeting ZelenskyHowever, “these meetings must be well prepared.”

Zelensky had demanded on more than one occasion to meet with Putin, who ordered a military attack on Ukraine on February 24.

Although negotiations between Russia and Ukraine on ending the war began shortly after its outbreak, they did not achieve any tangible result, and the meeting between the two heads of state, according to Zelensky’s request, does not appear soon.

In the same context, Lavrov said at the press conference: “We will hold direct negotiations today (Monday) with the Ukrainian delegation and we hope that they will bring results that achieve our initial goals,” referring to the resumption of negotiations in Istanbul.

“The talks should ensure that the people of Donbass do not suffer from the regime in Kyiv,” the Russian foreign minister continued, as Moscow says that the people of this region are subjected to “extermination.”

وقال لافروف “The West imposes dictates through blackmail to make a certain country hostile to Russia,” but he made it clear that “the era of Western dictates is over.”

On Monday, a senior Turkish official said Ukrainian and Russian negotiators would start peace talks in Istanbul later the same day, without giving further details.

He was the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan He and his Russian counterpart agreed, during a telephone conversation, on Sunday, that Istanbul would host the talks, which Ankara hopes will lead to a ceasefire.

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