Russian billionaire: The conflict in Ukraine is insane and ideological mobilization infernal


He added that he believed that The conflict in Ukraine “Crazy” and could have been stopped three weeks ago through dialogue.

“But now there is some kind of infernal ideological mobilization taking place from all sides,” he continued“.

“One word: these people are preparing for years of fighting,” he added“.

Deripaska did not explicitly blame one side for the conflict, but said the United States and Russia had escalated their rhetoric. The United States and Britain imposed sanctions on Deripaska.

In 2018, the United States imposed sanctions on Deripaska and other influential Russians because it said they were profiting from a Russian country that engaged in “malign activities” around the world..

These sanctions were imposed in an attempt to punish Moscow for its alleged interference in Russia US elections 2016At the time, Deripaska described these sanctions as “baseless, ridiculous and ridiculous.”“.

ومنذ The war in Ukraine On February 24, Britain imposed sanctions on Deripaska for his alleged ties to President Vladimir Putin. He said that it is up to the judiciary to decide the fate of the penalties.

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