Russian Defense: All major tasks of the armed forces in Kyiv and Chernigov have ended


The Russian Ministry of Defense said that all the main tasks of the armed forces in the two axes of the Russian Federation have been completed Kyiv And Chernigov, follow-up: We are planning a regroupment of Russian forces in the Kyiv and Chernigov axes, according to urgent news broadcast by the Extra News channel, a little while ago.

Earlier, Slovakia announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, Al Arabiya network reported.

It is noteworthy that the Russian Foreign Ministry announced last Monday that it had expelled 3 Slovak diplomats in response to Slovakias expulsion of three Russian diplomats from the Russian embassy in Slovakia..

According to the Russia Today website, the Russian Foreign Ministry statement stated that Slovak diplomats must leave the country within 72 hours..

In March, Slovakia expelled three Russian diplomats from Bratislava after they were allegedly spying..

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