Russian soldiers in the “Red Forest”… paid the price for the suicide mission


Said the employee of the Ukrainian government agency that oversees the exclusion zone near ChernobylYaroslav Yemelianenko said, “Another batch of Russians was transferred to the Belarusian Radiological Center in Gomel, for treatment.”

And Belarusian media revealed that 7 buses loaded with Russian soldiers arrived at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Radiology and Human Environment in Gomel, to receive treatment.

This comes after workers said bnuclear power stationthat Russian soldiers Those who arrived in Chernobyl, were not wearing anti-radiation equipment, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Yemelianenko added that the Russian soldiers “got sick because they failed to follow (the rules of engagement) with the Chernobyl nuclear plant and the surrounding highly toxic area, known as red forest.

The site got its name when dozens of square kilometers of pine trees turned red after absorbing radiation from the 1986 explosion, one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters..

“With minimal intelligence in the leadership or in the soldiers, these consequences could have been avoided,” he said, adding that radiation protection is “mandatory.”

For their part, workers at the site said this week that “Russian soldiers drove their vehicles through the Red Forest last month, without protective equipment, scattering clouds of radioactive dust, which may have caused internal radiation in their bodies.”.

The two Ukrainian workers, who spoke to Reuters, were on duty when Russian tanks entered Chernobyl on February 24 and took control of the site, where employees were still responsible for the safe storage of spent nuclear fuel and for overseeing the reactor’s concrete-covered remains..

The two men said they “saw Russian tanks and other armored vehicles moving through the Red Forest,” the most radioactive part of the area around Chernobyl, about 65 miles north of Kyiv..

It is reported that a large area around Chernobyl is off-limits to anyone who does not work there or has special permission, but the Red Forest is so polluted that even nuclear plant workers are not allowed to go there..

The two employees said that the Russian military convoy passed through the area, and one of them explained that the convoy used a deserted road.

A source said: “A large convoy of military vehicles walked along a road directly behind our facility, and this road passes through the Red Forest,” noting that the vehicles left columns of dust, which carried high levels of radiation.

In turn, the acting director general of Chernobyl, Valery Seda, explained that “the two years there have told Russian soldiers that they should be careful about radiation, but no evidence of their interest has appeared.”.

After the arrival of the Russian forces, the two employees who revealed what happened worked for about a month with their colleagues in Chernobyl, until they were allowed to return home last week, when Russian leaders allowed the dispatch of replacements for some of the employees..

Meanwhile, Norway has asked its citizens to prepare their fortified bunkers that were used during the Cold War, and to stockpile radioactive medicines in case of radiological fallout from Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant..

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