Sameh Shoukry announces the formation of a joint Egyptian-Qatari committee to enhance communication between the two countries


In response to a question by the Middle East News Agency about the positive developments in relations between Egypt and Qatar, and the expected prospects for their course at the bilateral level, or with regard to joint Arab action.

Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al Thani said that the Egyptian-Qatari relations are in continuous development, and we have overcome the previous stage, which was marred by some tensions, with open hearts and a future outlook in the interest of our countries and peoples.

He pointed out that the prospects for cooperation are broad; Both in terms of expanding the economic partnership between the two countries and enhancing communication between the two countries and peoples, as well as communication at the political level; Which will have positive repercussions on joint Arab action through the exchange of views on various issues.

During the joint press conference he held today, Monday, with Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry, the Qatari minister stressed the importance of Egypt’s pivotal role in the Arab region, indicating that his country will always be supportive of strengthening this role and consolidating stability in the region.

For his part, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that we have great ambition and complete openness, and we look forward to the solid relations between the two peoples, and prospects, whether in the political framework or economic cooperation, and everything that is beneficial to the two countries and peoples, and strengthening all existing mechanisms; Whether bilateral or within the framework of Egypt’s relations with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council or the Arab League.

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