Schubert explodes a surprise about the replay of the match between Egypt and Senegal


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The media, Ahmed Schubert, revealed, surprisingly, the possibility of replaying the match between Egypt and Senegal, again, after the events in the match, and the Egyptian mission was exposed to insults and terrorism.

Ahmed Schubert said during radio statements: Replaying the match is very difficult and may be close to impossible. The decision of the referee of the match, and the report of the match observers, who are more than one observer, is the one who will resolve the issue.

Schubert added: If it is written that the Egyptian national team played in Senegal, in an atmosphere of extreme terrorism, the closest sanctions against the Senegal team would be to play matches without an audience, which will not benefit the Egyptian team.

And the former Al-Ahly star explained: Unfortunately, things will not reach the rematch, and this is the reality of the rematch of Egypt and Senegal. We must be realistic, and we do not give hope in this matter. The match is over and Senegal is in the World Cup.

On the resignation of Wael Gomaa, Ahmed Schubert said: I see that Wael Gomaa did what he had to do during his tenure in his position and salute him, but the resignation of the national team manager does not act as a shock as the departure of the coach, which has not been determined so far and has not been resolved by the Football Association, according to the media. Egyptian.

The Egyptian team was subjected to racism after offensive banners appeared in the stadium stands for players, specifically Mohamed Salah, the team leader.

The fans terrorized the players by throwing bottles and stones at them during the warm-up process, in addition to the attack on the buses of the Egyptian mission; As a result, her glass was shattered, and some were injured and injured, which was documented in photos and videos that were attached to the complaint.



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