See the photos before and after: The most beautiful Arab actress in the history of art cinema, this is how her form and features became after she reached the age of ninety .. You will not believe who she is!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The great Syrian artist, and when she reached a very old age, it became difficult to identify her. She is the star who filled the world with beautiful art, and she was considered one of the brightest Arab screen artists over the past decades.

And earlier this week, the Syrian actress, Antoinette Naguib, celebrated her ninetieth birthday in Damascus, in the presence of a number of her fellow artists.

The actress, who is currently the largest Syrian actress, confirmed that filming the series “Chicago Street” was tiring, but we were happy that we presented a beautiful material.

She expressed her happiness that the work garnered high views, whether it was in its first encrypted show, or its second open show.

She stressed that the bold scenes contained in the work are very natural and do not infringe modesty, and express the dramatic situation presented by the work.

It is noteworthy that Antoinette Naguib visits the hospital twice a week to perform a dialysis procedure, but despite illness and advancing age, she is still able to give.


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