“Shatta” for Youm7 TV: Big penalties await Senegal


Abdel Moneim Shata, a former member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), said that everyone expected that the Senegal match would be one of the most difficult matches, and that Egypt’s position was very difficult compared to other Arab countries.

He added, in exclusive statements to Youm7 TV, that coach “Queiroz” did not qualify the players well for the match, in addition to reports that the fans entered the stadium since the night and at seven in the morning it was full to the end, stressing that it is difficult to repeat the match between Egypt and Senegal, but there will be Other penalties, such as a fine of up to $50,000, and that this stadium not host other matches.

He continued, “The Senegalese fans’ reception of the Egyptian national team and the ‘cursing’ of the players has not happened before, and there was a general barbarism that made the players not control themselves and the match was lost.”

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