She announced her engagement… Nada Al Kamel asks news sites not to share her photos with Ahmed El-Fishawy


Many news websites published pictures from the last Oscar ceremony in which Hollywood stars appeared kissing their wives on the red carpet, as they likened this to what the artist Ahmed El-Fishawy was doing with his ex-wife Nada El-Kamel in various festivals.

Al-Kamel commented on that news, blaming those sites, stressing that that period of her life has ended and she is now beginning a new stage… and she posted through her own account on “Instagram a picture of one of those news published on one of the sites and commented on it by saying:” Salvation remains, and shame So, this is now a symptomatic area, and this night I finished and went, and I will walk with my manners and respect, not every little bit someone will annoy me with something like this.”

And she added: “I am annoyed and feel as if I have made a decision that people forget me, as if I did not have a need and did not try hard that I walk and choose comfort, and if you do not care, I please preserve those around me and that there is a person or people when you see this talk, they are upset because it is too late and I locked him and began a life And a new page, and the love and comfort I had wished for.”

Nada Al-Kamel concluded her speech, saying: “Please preserve my choice and its consequences, and the second time in my life there is a person who will never like this, and I am grateful to him that he crossed this barrier. A lot, but it was necessary to pause for a while, I did not find any media material, nor did I try to be.


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