She saved her two children, then the tragedy happened.. A pharmacist was killed in an elevator fall in Egypt


In a human tragedy in Sharkia Governorate, northern Egypt, a young pharmacist was killed when an elevator collapsed in her and her two children.

And the Director of Eastern Security received a notification from the second Zagazig Police Department, a report that a pharmacist had died while leaving the elevator of a building.

A security force moved to the site of the accident, where it was found that the 27-year-old pharmacist, MA, had been killed, after the elevator she was using with her two children broke down. The pharmacist was able to save her two children, then she was surprised by the sudden landing of the elevator, and she was killed on the spot.

It turned out that the pharmacist is from the village of Shalshalmoun, which is affiliated to the city of Minya al-Qamh, but she lives with her husband, who works in one of the judicial authorities in Zagazig. The Public Prosecution Office, which conducted the investigation, was notified.

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