She spoiled her husband..a Saudi fascist demands the imprisonment of a social activist


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The Saudi Supreme Court upheld what was issued by the Court of Appeal to cancel the prison sentence imposed on the social activist, because the accusation of sabotage was not proven, after a previous preliminary ruling was issued to imprison her for 15 days and took her pledge.

One of the “famous” social media platforms had filed a sabotage lawsuit against a social activist, accusing her of spoiling her marital relationship through phrases offensive to her reputation and dignity.

According to the Saudi newspaper, “Okaz”, the Court of Appeal reversed the ruling issued by the Jeddah Court convicting the social activist and imprisoning her for 15 days for vandalizing a social media celebrity. petition for veto.

The activist asked the court to refer a famous woman to contact the Public Prosecution for investigation on the claim of fraud against the court and to prove the maliciousness of the complaint filed against her, and each party submitted a memorandum explaining the reasons. During his urging to marry “fashionistas and beauty queens”, with offensive phrases.

The Court of Appeal considered the case in pleading according to the new procedures followed, and the parties to the case were asked if any of you had anything to add. Where the issue is, the circuit studied the objection of the convict against her, and the circuit confirmed that persecution cannot be imagined against the husband, nor can it be imagined that the husband will persecute his wife; Because the infallibility is in his hand, and accordingly the court ruled to overturn the imprisonment sentence against the social activist, and that it was not proven that she had perverted the famous social media during her marital relationship, and the claim of the private right was dismissed, and the ruling acquired the final status with the support of the Supreme Court.

The Court of First Instance had convicted the social activist of the crime of sabotage and punished her with 15 days of imprisonment with a pledge, and she objected to the ruling before the Court of Appeal, which examined the pleadings and objections, and decided in light of this not to convict the social activist, and the verdict was acquitted and the plaintiff’s claim was famous for communication in the private right and the ruling became Absolutely no appeal or objection to it.

The social activist confirmed that she remained confident that the judiciary would do justice to her after the case had passed through three stages of litigation, especially with regard to pleading before the Court of Appeal, which is an important step in the litigation stages.


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