Signs of the rising hour appear in reality stranger than fiction.. a famous artist and director discovered that his sister is his mother after 37 years.. you won’t believe who he is!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>A famous artist and director, and he is the most popular of the artists in this generation because of his embodiment of the most difficult roles in the history of cinema,

Where the beginning of his artistic career came in the early sixties, and he remained for nearly ten years until he achieved the real fame that he wished to reach.

He achieved this success starting with his role in the movie The Simple Driver, in 1969, after which he was nominated for the first time for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor.

Quoting the mind-blowing website, the mother of the famous New Jersey artist, born in 1937, John Nicholson, is a famous showgirl who married in 1936.

And she did not want to get pregnant at that time because of her desire to complete her show career with her performing artist husband, but she got pregnant immediately after marriage, which made her leave the child to her parents to raise him,

The parents agree to this so that the child’s mother can practice her artistic work “Jack Nicholson” lived with his grandparents for 37 years, believing that they were his parents and that “John”

She is his sister who is 17 years older than him until he discovered the truth at the age of 37 and that his sister is his real mother and that he was raised by his grandparents, a fact that is stranger than fiction.

When “Jack” confronted his grandparents about the reason for keeping this secret from him, the response was that his mother was pregnant by an unknown person and wanted to continue her artistic career without any responsibilities towards her child, especially since she was too young to be responsible.


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