Simplified tips to buy gold safely after high prices


With the recent rise in gold prices, a large number of consumers expected a continuation of the price increase, so a large segment resorted to buying gold, so the seventh day provides the most important advice that should be followed when buying new gold artifacts, and George Abdullah, an expert in the precious metals markets, says that the consumer should Ensure that the company that buys its own product accepts repurchasing with cloves and stones in the works, so as not to lose the weight of the stone or lobe in the piece.

He added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that buying gold in any of its forms must make sure that the piece being purchased has a known source and not buy gold of unknown source, and make sure that there is a barcode of the name of the producing company, and that there is a stamp on the piece, in addition to not The trend to buy online.

And regarding what should be stipulated in the gold purchase bill, George explained that the merchant should be asked about the mechanisms of selling gold and whether it is accepted with stones and cloves or not, and secondly, the merchant is required to expressly stipulate in the bill that the product be resold in full without deducting the weight of the cloves. .

On the other hand, he stressed that buying imported gold involves several risks, most notably the loss of workmanship, which is 3 times the Egyptian, and secondly, the loss of the weight of the stones from each piece, pointing to the national industry now has better products than the importer, and buying any foreign product means the exit of hard currency from country.

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