Steps to help you renew a car license inside the traffic units.. Get to know them


Traffic departments at the republic level receive all drivers to renew car licenses within traffic units, and a set of procedures are taken until car licenses are renewed. These steps and procedures include the following:

Go to the traffic unit of your place of residence according to what is in the national ID card.

– Purchasing a file to renew licenses from traffic, according to the period to be renewed, from one to three years.

– Taking the fingerprint of the motor and chassis of the car and approving it from the competent engineer.

– Make a fingerprint matching in the owner’s license window and return to the engineer to complete the examination.

Adopting the extinguisher, provided that the production is less than 5 years, and that its numbers are compatible with the numbers of the chassis.

– Revise the examination ornic and request a bill for the purchase of the ambulance and the triangle, at a price of 125 pounds, with a fee of 30 pounds.

– Go to the owner’s license renewal window after preparing the papers for the renewal file and the examination order.

– A security inquiry form, a certificate of violations, and a copy of the license and card.

– Check the paper from the window and you will be asked to pay the renewal fee in the safe and return again to the employee.

Pay vehicle tax, which varies according to the vehicle’s liter capacity.

Paying compulsory car insurance and paying additional fees such as an electronic sticker and license plate development fees.

– After paying the required fees, the employee will be referred to the payment receipt. He will ask you to wait for the special license.

Receipt of the license after the completion of its renewal and the completion of all relevant papers.


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