Street war with white weapons in Imbaba.. Prosecution is investigating the killing of Shaq


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Monday 28 March 2022

Books – Saber El Mahlawy:

The Public Prosecution office in Imbaba is investigating the killing of two brothers who were stabbed to death by others during a quarrel that turned into a street war with knives, due to disputes between them in the Western Munira area in Giza Governorate.

The Public Prosecution ordered the autopsy of the two victims and a permit for burial after the completion of the autopsy report, and requested investigations by the security services about the incident, to find out its circumstances and details, and also ordered the arrest and bringing of the accused.

The Public Prosecution heard the statements of eyewitnesses to determine the circumstances of the incident, who confirmed that the two brothers, one of them received a stab in the chest and the other in the abdomen, “died next to each other.”

Major General Medhat Fares, Director of Giza Investigations, had received a notification from Lieutenant-Colonel Mohamed Idris, head of the investigations of the Western Munira Police Department, stating that he had received a report from the residents of a brawl with white weapons and the death of two brothers in the department’s department, and immediately the detectives moved to the scene of the incident.

On examination, it was found that the bodies of two brothers had sustained severe stab wounds to the chest and abdomen. The two bodies were transferred to the morgue at the disposal of the Public Prosecution.

By conducting investigations, it was found that 3 people were behind the perpetration of the incident, the owners of a pickled factory in the department’s department due to differences between them.

Investigations added that a verbal altercation erupted between the two victims and the accused due to differences between them, which developed into a fist fight, during which the accused attacked the two victims brothers with a bladed weapon, which resulted in their death on the spot, and the accused fled.

Detectives are intensifying their efforts to apprehend the accused, a report has been issued on the incident, and the Public Prosecution has taken over the investigation.

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