Surveillance cameras expose the officials of a weight loss center after the death of a woman inside it in Al-Ahram Gardens


The brother of the woman who was killed inside an unlicensed medical center in the Al-Ahram Gardens area in Giza said that the center’s surveillance cameras monitored his sister’s entry to the center and waited for her until the center’s officials allowed her to enter one of the rooms for slimming sessions.

That session, as it was shown through the surveillance cameras, lasted 54 minutes, where the cameras monitored the officials of the center carrying his sister, and taking her out of the room after her death, then placing her on a number of chairs, and after that they carried her outside the center and placed her in the stairs of the property, in front of the center, then turned off the lights. In an attempt to remove the suspicion from them, after that they returned her to the center again.

The victim’s brother said that the center’s workers were unable to get rid of the surveillance camera’s recording device, due to the speed of his father’s presence at the center, in addition to the presence of a number of visitors to the center to obtain slimming sessions, and eyewitnesses, and upon the arrival of the detectives, the recording device for the cameras was seized.

The seventh day conducted a live broadcast to monitor the scenes of the victim’s death, and her brother stated that she was married, and she was only overweight, and not obese, and decided to go to the center to lose weight..

Dr. Ahmed, the victim’s brother, added to “The Seventh Day” that those in charge of the center were selling her tablets and medical capsules to lose weight, without medical supervision, as it turned out after that that the directors of the center are physiotherapists, not doctors, and those tablets and capsules caused her death inside the center.

The victim’s brother added that the accused, working in the center, immediately after his sister’s death, tried to hide the crime, and moved his sister outside the center, and left her in the staircase of the property, then turned off the lights of the center, after that they brought her back to the center, and then got rid of all the tablets and capsules inside the center..

The victim’s brother confirmed that as soon as the police arrived, detained the directors of the center, and requested licenses to work, they confirmed that it was not licensed, and the prosecution decided to detain the accused, pending investigation..

The detectives of the Giza Security Directorate arrested the owner of a medical center for beauty and slimming in the pyramid, accusing him of causing the death of a woman during a slimming session..

The Giza Security Directorate received a report stating the death of a woman inside a medical center in the Haram area, and the detectives moved to the scene of the incident, and it was found that the woman was receiving slimming sessions, and she was killed during the session. And it turned out that he was without a license, and two of his managers and two female workers were arrested.

The detectives listened to the statements of the woman’s father, and accused the owner of the center of causing the death of his daughter, and giving her weight loss drugs of unknown source, and a report was issued about the incident, and the competent prosecution was notified of the investigation.

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