The death of “Sit Laila” and a message from the future for Carmen Basibes on her fortieth birthday .. “Bride of Beirut 3” reaches its final station


The contract of the most famous Lebanese series has been completed Beirut’s bride In its third season, where the end of episode 49 witnessed the death of Adel Abboud (the able artist). Rafeeq Ali AhmedThen, “Episode 50 and the last” began with the acquaintance of the six Laila (Takla Shamoun) who could not control herself and could not or comprehend the idea of ​​his death, so she remained in the hospital trying to contact him repeatedly and he did not answer.

Takla Shamoun in The Bride of Beirut Season Three – Photo from her Instagram account

The last events in the last episode were beyond the capacity of the scene in light of the loyalty of the six Laila to her lover, Adel Abboud, who ran after her when she decided to complete the rest of her life in the “House of the Hospice and Elderly Care”, an idea that her children rejected and tried to persuade her to return home and stay with them. The rest of her life because of her suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

Artist Rafiq Ali Ahmed in The Bride of Beirut Season Three – Photo from his Instagram account

Adel Abboud was able to surprise her and followed her to the nursing home as an inmate so that he could discourage her from her decision, which he succeeded in thanks to their standing with him. Then, at the end of Episode 49, Adel Abboud embraced Faris Al-Daher (Dhafer El Abidine), it is as if he bid him farewell to his final resting place.
The six Laila (Takla Shamoun) asks Soraya (Carmen BsaibesA request that Soraya cannot bear the burdens of, which is (euthanasia) and the end of her life and her suffering from loneliness of the heart, pain of the mind and forgetfulness. Soraya has nightmares that she ended the life of his mother-in-law, as this scene reminds us of the beginning of the third season (the grave of the six Laila) and Carmen Basbeis crying that she is the reason In the killing of the six Laila.

Poster for the bride of Beirut season 3 – photo from the MBC4 account on Instagram

The suffering of Alzheimer’s is severe for the six, Laila, who forgets her memories and returns to her boyhood age when she is young and considers Carmen her mother, in the last scenes (Laila) and then leaves for her lover, Adel Abboud.
Al-Daher family overcomes the pain of losing the mother after 5 years, as Hadi (Alaa Al-Zoubi) finishes writing his novel “Queen of the Palace.” Khalil and Talal then expand the company and establish a secondary school to educate those who cannot learn, in order to perpetuate the name of their mother for the needy.

In the last scenes of the last episode, the family celebrates Soraya’s fortieth birthday, when they are surprised by a parcel arriving with a swan brooch, and a message from the six Laila telling them what she felt after her death, who deposited with them words and loving messages supporting them after her death, so that their eyes were crying that she remained with them even after her death. , The Beirut Bride 3 train has reached its last stop, and its three seasons are completed in the tale of the Daher family, the Beirut bride, and the inspiring love story of Fares and Soraya for all family members.

What was noticed in the last episodes was the lack of Maram Ali’s appearance more than once, as if she had finished the series early more than once, and she was not present at the family celebration in the palace on more than one occasion. A directorial error also appeared in the last scene, where one of the directors appeared in the background of Soraya reading the message and quickly disappeared, as she was reading the message of the six Laila in public.To see the most beautiful pictures of celebrities visit «instagram madam»
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