The disgrace of the World Cup is chasing the Senegalese fans.. Video


Where is fair play? The shame of the World Cup and other headlines topped the international newspapers, commenting on the unfortunate events that Egypt and Senegal witnessed in the decisive round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The match was not overcome by the spirit of sportsmanship since its inception. The Egyptian team and its fans have been subjected to all violations, from attempts of harassment, intimidation, insults and offensive gestures, to glass-throwing.

Also, the image of Mohamed Salah while shooting the penalty kick topped all the international newspapers after laser beams were shed on him, which caused him to have blurred vision, after which the kick was wasted.

Also, after the meeting, many clips were recorded showing the fans attempts to attack the players of the national team and throwing them with different things, so that everyone wondered whether there were in the regulations of the International Federation “FIFA” What is the punishment for what happened in this match?

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