The Egyptian judiciary drops the curtain on the case of the curcumin doctor


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The Cairo Economic Court, in its sentencing hearing, sentenced the pharmacist Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, known as the curcumin doctor, to two years in prison and a fine of 100,000 pounds, on several accusations of trafficking in unknown substances, unauthorized by the Ministry of Health.

The pharmacist, Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, was unable to attend today’s sentencing session.

The Cairo Economic Court had postponed the trial sessions of Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, known as the curcumin doctor, to today’s session, March 29, to pronounce the verdict on several accusations that pursue him with trading unknown and unauthorized substances by the Ministry of Health, and accusing him of selling illegal medicines, preparations and medical supplies. No decision was issued by the Minister of Health, Or any other party concerned with its circulation, and opened an office for advertising for medicines and medical supplies without a license.

The Public Prosecution referred the accused, Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, and another with him, earlier to the urgent criminal trial, and the Public Prosecution submitted the accused and another with him to the competent economic misdemeanour court.

The Public Prosecution stated, in a statement, that the accused, Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, created and ran pages on the social networking site Facebook and other sites, with the aim of committing the crime of selling these things without a license, and using means of publication that would make the public believe in their right to practice medicine, which is not licensed. He has the right to practice them and assume the title of a doctor, in addition to the other accused having committed the crime of distributing these things without permission, and other misdemeanours.

It is worth noting that information was received by the officers of the works, according to which the accused, Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, known as the curcumin doctor, keeps herbs and medicines of unknown origin in the Sheikh Zayed area, and announces them, through many different media channels.

A report was issued on the incident, and the necessary legal measures were taken and referred for investigation.

The men of the works arrested the accused, after information and investigations were received, according to the pharmacist Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, known in the media as the curcumin doctor, of drugs of unknown origin, not approved by the official authorities, and announcing them through many satellite channels; with the intent of making monetary profits.



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