The first appearance that grabs the hearts of Sayed Ragab’s daughter… and the surprise in her husband, the hero of the movie Industrial Bump… Who is he? (picture)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The artist Sayed Ragab became the talk of the street after his wife revealed shocking details of her married life, after he had divorced her in absentia, sparking great controversy by talking about what the artist had done against her.

Kiki Neslione, an American, accused Sayed Rajab, asserting that he expelled her from the house and deprived her of her financial rights, in addition to Rajab’s seizure of her money.

Neslione shared a post on her Facebook account, under the title “Behind the scenes with Abu Al-Arousa Sayed Ragab,” in which she confirmed that Sayed Ragab expelled her from the house in the Dahshur area, in Giza Governorate, south of Cairo, denying her rights to it.

Sayed Ragab became famous only at an old age, as were a large number of artists who were late to achieve stardom.

Sayed has a beautiful daughter, married to the young artist, Mohamed El-Saadani, who participated in many films, including the film Industrial Bump, the film Sorry for the Inconvenience, starring Ahmed Helmy, and the film Agamista.

Sayed Ragab is a real strong talent that has proven his worth since his first appearance on the screen. He took a distinguished position in cinema and television, and attracted viewers with his spontaneity and his good performance.

Sayed excelled in presenting a variety of roles, especially the roles of evil. Among his films are: “Abdo Mawta, Qalb al-Assad, Ibrahim al-Abyad,” and his series: “Heat Wave, Al Hara, Al Yahud Quarter,” and others.


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