The first miserable and terrifying appearance of the artist (Samir Sabry) in a wheelchair and without a wig.. Watch how time betrayed him and changed his features and shape.!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The book fair, which was held a few days ago, witnessed the presence of the great artist Samir Sabry, who was keen to attend his symposium, which is held by the exhibition under the title The Art of a Beautiful Life.

The artist, Samir Sabry, appeared in a “wheelchair”, accompanied by the specialists in the exhibition’s discussion panel, which shocked the audience.

The artist, Samir Sabry, revealed the reason for sitting in a wheelchair, saying that he underwent surgery in the last period: “I had a knee operation,

And I have two months left so that I can go back, and may God make it easier and go back to walk on my feet again. Our Lord gave me every sweet need that I wished for, and with His praise and thanks to Him for every need I am in.”

On the other hand, artist Samir Sabry confirmed that he filmed more than 130 films, and all of them were delightful, explaining that he could not evaluate his artwork, but he was happy with his professional and artistic career and that he was an “unobtrusive” performer.

During his interview with the “A Last Word” program, presented by the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi on the “ON” channel, he said that he studied how the voices come out to master speaking well, and he also represented all artistic roles, including action, such as the movie “Hell underwater”, as well as comic and romantic roles.

The artist said that he was not honored by any film festival for his cinematic works, commenting on this by saying “Bensoni”, stressing that he does not place honors in front of him and does not care about them, and honoring for him is the audience’s remembering of his artworks.

He continued: “I was one of the founders of the Cairo Film Festival, and I expected to be honored, but the biggest prize for me is the admiration of people in the street for my films,

I don’t like to work on soap operas for lengthening, and I feel that my talent has been achieved in front of the radios microphone, and I still have a program on the radio.”


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