The Israeli police announces the killing of the “Tel Aviv” attacker and reveals his identity


The Israeli police announced, on Tuesday evening, the death of the perpetrator of the attack, which took place in the “Bnei Brak” and “Ramat Gan” areas in Tel Aviv..

And the Hebrew Kan channel quoted the Israeli police as saying, “The perpetrator of the operation is called Diaa Hamrasheh (27 years), and he is a liberated prisoner from Jenin Governorate, located in the northern West Bank.“.

The channel said that the perpetrator of the attack shot a car on Herzl Street in Bnei Brak, then moved to a gas station, and continued towards Ramat Gan, and there he shot an Israeli policeman.“.

The Maariv newspaper said that Defense Minister Benny Gantz is currently conducting a security assessment of the situation after the Bnei Brak operation in Tel Aviv, in the presence of Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi, the head of the Shin Bet and the coordinator of government activities in the Palestinian territories, the head of the Military Intelligence Division, and the head of the Operations Division..

Israeli Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev arrived at the scene of the shooting attack in Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv.

The Hebrew Channel Seven said that settlers in Bnei Brak attacked Internal Security Minister Bar-Lev and insulted him in protest of what they described as the security failure in the wake of the shooting..

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