The Law on the Rights of the Elderly guarantees partial exemption for club subscription fees


The draft law on the rights of the elderly aims to protect and care for the elderly and ensure their enjoyment of all social, political, economic, health, cultural, recreational and other rights, provide them with the necessary protection, enhance their dignity and provide them with a decent life, which was decided by the Senate.

The legislation provides for the obligation of the units of the state’s administrative apparatus, including ministries, departments, agencies, public bodies and other public and private legal persons affiliated to it, each in its field of competence, to protect the rights of the elderly stipulated in this law or in any other law, as well as those contained in international agreements and charters ratified by the Arab Republic of Egypt And take the necessary measures for this and remove all obstacles and obstacles that prevent them from enjoying these rights.

The rights included facilitating the establishment of social care institutions for the elderly at different economic levels, whether through the competent ministry, associations, NGOs and other natural or legal persons, public or private, and providing a partial exemption for the elderly from subscription fees in sports clubs, youth centers, cultural institutions, theaters and some museums and archaeological sites owned The state does not bear any burdens on the budget, in addition to allowing and facilitating the participation of the elderly in the processes of candidacy and voting in elections and referenda of all kinds, and the provision of tools to ensure these processes, including the right to seek the assistance of escorts or assistants chosen by the elderly without prejudice to the law of exercising political rights.

Article 40 of the draft law stipulates: “A penalty of imprisonment for a period of no less than six months and a fine of no less than five thousand pounds and not more than twenty thousand pounds, or either of these two penalties, shall be imposed on whoever deceives the competent authorities to obtain one of the advantages stipulated in this law, In addition, the court shall decide to return all financial or in-kind benefits or their equivalent value obtained.

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