The most decadent movie in the history of Egyptian cinema.. Mervat Amin completely without clothes.. Rushdi Abaza commits an unforgivable crime.


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Mervat Amin was born in Egypt in 1964, to a Scottish mother and an Egyptian father. She started her artistic career by chance, after graduating from the Faculty of Arts, English Department,

After the late artist “Ahmed Ramzy” saw her, and admired her beauty, he nominated her for the artist “Ahmed Mazhar”, to play a role with him in the movie “Confused Souls”.

Because of her beauty, and the innocence of her features, she is considered one of the most important stars of the last century, because of her many and varied works of art, during which she emerged and her star shone until she was called “the cat of Egyptian cinema”, participated “Amin”,

In more than 120 films, since the beginning of her artistic career, in the late sixties, the most prominent of them came the movie “My Father Over the Tree”, with the brown Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez. Over the Nile, 1971

Then the movie “The Grandson”, with the artists “Abdel-Moneim Madbouly”, “Noor Sharif”, “Karim Mokhtar”, then the movie “The Search for a Scandal”, and “Barefoot on the Gold Bridge”, with “Hussein Fahmy”,

In addition to the famous movie “The Greatest Child in the World”, with the late artist Rushdi Abaza, and the late artist “Hind Rostom”, the main reason for her classification as one of the most daring artists, and winning the title of “Egraha Star”

Because she abandoned all her clothes in one of the scenes that she collected with the late artist “Rushdi Abaza”, and the film was classified as one of the boldest films produced by Arab cinema,

Because of the bold scenes it included, he was prevented from showing, by a decision of the censorship of artistic works, and although they were completely circulated on video tapes.

The film revolves around a married university doctor, who is seduced by his friend’s daughter with her super beauty, and he tries to resist, but he surrenders to her in the end.

And for her efforts to give birth to “the greatest child in the world”, and despite the criticism, “Amin” presented, in the same year, the movie “A Nose and Three Eyes”, which was produced in 1972, during which she also appeared while she was giving up her clothes in a scene of her meeting with the late artist “Mahmoud Yassin”.


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