The problems of Apple in the Netherlands, worth a million dollars, will not go away.. I know why


The Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM) has so far imposed a $55 million fine on Apple company For failing to meet her request, and if the tech giant fails to comply with her request, the consumer watchdog may impose other periodic penalty payments with potentially higher penalties.

The Dutch regulator has fined Apple in increments of $5.5 million for failing to meet its demands to allow dating apps to use alternative forms of payments, and as of the end of last week, Apple had not met ACM requirements, the Dutch organization said in a statement late on Monday. That is why it has to pay a tenth fine, which means that Apple has to pay a maximum fine of 50 million euros ($55 million).”

However, Apple amended its proposal on compliance on Sunday with requirements set by the Netherlands ACM under Dutch and European competition rules. Applications”.

And if the ACM comes to the conclusion that Apple is not meeting the requirements, it may impose another order subject to periodic penalty payments (this time potentially higher penalties) in order to incentivize Apple to comply with the order, and on iPhones, dating apps can only be served through the App Store, which makes dating app providers highly dependent on Apple.

Thus, dating app providers have no choice but to accept Apple’s terms. Because Apple has a dominant position, strict rules apply to this situation. Under Dutch and European competition rules, this cannot be abused. dominant position, for example, by setting unfair terms”.


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