The Renaissance Dam and Libya .. What are the implications of Al-Burhan’s visit to Cairo?


According to a joint Egyptian-Sudanese statement, the two sides reviewed the overall bilateral relations between the two countries, where satisfaction was expressed for the existing level of coordination between the two sides, while stressing the importance of strengthening economic relations and increasing trade exchange in a way that lives up to the existing momentum in relations, as well as maximizing efforts to achieve integration. Agricultural, rail and electric links between the two countries, in addition to deepening joint cooperation on the security and military levels.

confirmed Egypt Its full awareness of the delicate situation that Sudan is currently going through, and the need for joint action so that the current developments on the international scene do not affect the efforts to support Sudan to achieve political, security and economic stability in the country.

She stressed the continuation of sending aid packages and logistical and humanitarian support to Sudan, in addition to providing technical support to Sudanese cadres and activating all bilateral cooperation programmes.

He expressed Sudan For his reliance on benefiting from the transfer of the Egyptian experience in economic reform, training of Sudanese cadres and assistance in facing challenges, which reflects the depth of relations between the two countries.

National security

The former Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs, Ambassador Ali Hefny, believes that the importance of the visit lies in the specificity of Egyptian-Sudanese relations, given that they are two neighboring countries and share many matters, including history, geography and the future of the lives of the two peoples, as well as the extension of Egyptian national security to Sudan and vice versa.

Al-Hafni stressed, in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that Egypt supports the process of internal stability in Sudan, and is permanently ready to provide a helping hand to Sudan to achieve full stability on the entire Sudanese territory.

The Egyptian diplomat explained that there are many regional issues, whether at the Arab or African level, that call for such visits or meetings, to ensure permanent consultation and continuous coordination between the two leaderships in both Egypt and Sudan, adding that “everything that is in the interest of Sudan is in the interest of Egypt.” And vice versa.”

And about the significance of a visit the proofAl-Hafni stressed that there is a deep understanding and mutual interest in advancing the relations of cooperation between the two countries and achieving more Egyptian-Sudanese integration in all fields, especially economic cooperation, technical cooperation and the field of energy“This visit comes as a step on the path of bilateral relations in the interest of the two peoples,” he added.

AlNahda dam

came file AlNahda dam As a major issue on the table of talks between Sisi and Al-Burhan, an agreement was reached regarding the continuation of intensive consultation and mutual coordination in this context during the coming period, emphasizing the paramount importance of the water issue for the Egyptian and Sudanese peoples as a matter of national security, and then the two countries adhered to reaching a just legal agreement It is fair and binding for the filling and operation of the dam, in a manner that achieves the common interests of all parties.

Commenting on this, the former Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs said that there is harmony in the Egyptian and Sudanese position with clear positions on this issue, whether at the level of the African Union or in previous rounds of negotiations, as well as at the level of Security Council International, but the matter depends on the availability of political will on the Ethiopian side, so that negotiations will resume from where they ended, while showing flexibility that enables all parties to sign a balanced and fair agreement that takes into account the interests of all parties.

This is what the expert specializing in international relations, Dr. Ayman Samir, indicated in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, as he said that this meeting will strengthen the common Egyptian view on the Renaissance Dam file, and that Cairo And Khartoum takes the same position that it is necessary to reach a legal, just and binding agreement for the three parties in the issue of filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, and that they did not back down one iota from this matter.

He explained that the visit comes at a time witnessing changes in the Arab region and the Middle East, which require coordination and consultation between the two countries.

He added: “In my estimation, the most important strategic country for Egyptian national security is Sudan, which is the real strategic depth for Egyptian national security, and therefore these changes, whether international or regional, and their repercussions affect the situation in the Arab region, and therefore that was the main meal on the Egyptian-Sudanese negotiating table.”

Samir stressed that Egypt extends its hand to Sudan in order to achieve peace and stability, and to reap Sudanese people The fruits of what happened in December 2020, and for Sudan to reach the stage of final stability, to overcome the current transitional stage with minimal losses, and for there to be Sudanese national cohesion behind the Sudanese national project, which aims in the end to achieve peace and stability and is fully supported by Egypt.

Libya and food security

On the Libyan issue, Egypt and Sudan stressed the need to preserve Libya’s stability, unity and territorial integrity, and affirmed their support for all efforts aimed at reaching a (Libyan Libyan) political solution, and for all Libyan parties to agree with each other to move towards the future in the interest of Libya and its people without Any external dictates or interventions, as well as the importance of supporting the role of Libyan state institutions and assuming their responsibilities.

The two sides also stressed the necessity of the exit of foreign forces, mercenaries and foreign fighters within a specific time period in implementation of the relevant UN, international and regional resolutions, in addition to the need for the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee to continue its work and the commitment of all parties to stop military actions in order to preserve the security and stability of Libya and the capabilities of its people.

The international relations expert returned to saying that energy and food security has become a global issue and Sudan suffers greatly from it, and there is a common vision of how the two countries can overcome this challenge to all countries of the world, including the Arab countries, including Egypt and Sudan.

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