The “Revolutionary Front” initiative raises a great deal of controversy in the Sudanese street


She stressed adherence to the full implementation of the peace agreement, including Eastern Sudan Route Which revolves around major differences between the components of the region.

On the other hand, observers considered that the chances of the initiative’s success are very “negligible” in light of the high demands of the street and the controversy surrounding civilian-military partnership and the position on the “East track” in the peace agreement.

The journalist and writer Taha al-Numan considered that the initiative as a whole is weak and did not take into account all the current changes in the Sudanese street, which adheres to the principle of not negotiating with the military side or partnering with it.

Al-Numan told “Sky News Arabia” that it is illogical to talk about Constitutional Document Which was aborted by the military side through the measures it took on the twenty-fifth of October.

Al-Numan added that the distance betweenRevolutionary Front And the street became more divergent after this statement.

According to a statement issued by the Front on Sunday, the next stage of its initiative will include conducting a broader dialogue between all political forces that will lead to the production of an approach on issues related to the system of government, the constitution and elections.

In its statement, the Front demanded an end to violence against peaceful demonstrators, the release of political detainees and the lifting of the state of emergency.

She welcomed any amendments to the constitutional document that contribute to a comprehensive political settlement, provided that they do not prejudice the peace agreement.

The Front considered that the continuation of the partnership with the military component constitutes a basic guarantee for completing the transitional period and achieving the democratic transition.

However, Al-Walid Ali, a spokesman for the Sudanese Professionals Association, told Sky News Arabia that most of the Revolutionary Front entities represented in the Sovereignty Council and the Executive Government did not move a finger to stop the repeated violence against the revolutionaries.

Al-Waleed pointed out that the constitutional document and the concept of partnership are outdated.

While the Revolutionary Front stressed the importance of starting the immediate implementation of the East Path Agreement contained in the peace agreement signed in Juba in October 2020; The Rapporteur of the Supreme Council for Coordination of Beja Eyes, Abdullah Obshar, told Sky News Arabia that the statement of the Revolutionary Front regarding adherence to the Juba Agreement in full does not concern them in anything, because members of the Revolutionary Front, most notably a member of the Sovereign Council, Taher Hajar, is a member of the mediation committee that froze the eastern path.

Ubar vowed to resort to the peaceful means known to the Beja officials if the Revolutionary Front insists on the eastern path in the peace agreement, noting that the Revolutionary Front suffers from cracks and schisms.

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