The spread of a rare picture of the star’s mother, Bossi, Nora, and their third sister… and the audience was shocked: the latter is much sweeter… (see photo)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p dir="RTL">Since her childhood, the artist, Bossi, adored art. She began her artistic career and went through many stations that varied between cinema and drama, while her sister, Noura, retired from acting and wore the veil.

The two sisters who became famous in the field of art No one knows much about their lives except for Bossi’s life with her late husband Nour El Sherif and the marriages of the artist Noura, which failed.

In a rare photo, Nora and Bossi appeared with a third sister for them, and their mother appeared for the first time, who is very similar to them.

Bossi was associated with a great love story with the late artist Nour El Sharif, which culminated in a marriage that lasted for decades before the sudden separation occurred and then returned again in the last days of the late artist’s life.

The audience commented on the image of the artist, Bossi: “Your good sister is much better than the two artists


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