The story of the burning death of Mustafa Siraj… a heinous crime that shook Egypt


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The Egyptian governorate of Damietta witnessed a crime, described by local websites as “heinous”, where a young man was burned to death by his neighbor.

The beginning was with different accounts on social media, about a young man named Mustafa Siraj who was burned to death by his neighbor, and the reasons were different, some said that the victim was exposed to the sister of the perpetrator, but others said that the reason was a dispute with the residents of the property in which he lives.

Right Mustafa Siraj

The pioneers of social networking sites launched the “hashtag” (Haqq Mustafa Serraj), topping the list of the most widely traded on “Twitter” within a few hours on Sunday morning.

The circulated novel is transmitted by a friend of the late young man, Muhammad Munir Rashwan, during which he says: “My friend, Mustafa Siraj, died. He was killed. Mustafa worked in a restaurant in New Damietta two shifts, and he returned to the housing of the work, sleeping and he had neighbors. These people are a rioter in the building.” It is known that they are not right, Mustafa spoke to the people and said to them, do not disturb them, because we come back from work tired, we sleep and wake up in the morning to work, people like to talk .. At dawn on Thursday, one of them attacked Mustafa and threw petrol into the apartment and threw Molotov cocktails at Mustafa and fell fond of him.

And he continued, “Mustafas people have raised a case, and people are trying to deceive my friend with the cause of her intention, because his right is lost. Mustafa is witnessing people’s goodness and purity, and a person who knows our Lord and his age does not think of harming an ant.

The New Damietta City Police Department received a report that a young man named Adham Mustafa Moussa, who is imprisoned, poured gasoline on another named Mustafa Siraj, a student at the Faculty of Commerce, Damietta University, and set him on fire, causing him to suffer first-degree burns 95% of all parts of the body. The student was transferred for treatment at the Burns Department at the Faculty of Medicine Hospital of Al-Azhar University in New Damietta, in a critical condition, and he died hours later.

The accused confessed to pouring gasoline on the victim’s student, after a quarrel broke out between them, due to the victim’s opposition to the accused’s sister.

Referring to the Egyptian Public Prosecution, it ordered the accused’s pretrial detention for a period of 4 days pending investigations, and charged the accused with premeditated murder, in preparation for referring him to a criminal trial.

Mustafas friend reveals the details

Muhammad Sadiq, a friend of the young Mustafa Siraj, who was killed and set on fire, revealed the details of the incident, saying that Mustafa works in a restaurant and went to his house to get some sleep at rest time.

Sadiq said, during a telephone interview with the media, Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” satellite channel, on Sunday evening, that Mustafa, before heading to his house, asked his neighbors to lower the volume so that he could sleep, pointing out that after 3 hours someone broke The neighbor, who is accused of the incident on Mustafa, sprinkled gasoline on him and set him on fire.

And a friend of the young man, Mustafa Siraj, added: “Mustafa went down the stairs and no one knew how to turn it off, and his neighbor took advantage of the traffic and sprinkled other gasoline on him.” People bear witness to his morals,” noting that the incident occurred at dawn last Thursday.


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