The story of the Egyptian Abanoub.. A Christian awaits Ramadan every year


His joy is no less than theirs, but may increase to the point that prompted him to express this through a post he wrote on a youth group onFacebookHe said that he is the Christian who is waiting RAMADAN month Every year, he rejoices in his coming with the Muslims because of the great place in his heart.

Abanoub’s post achieved great interaction, and many comments began confirming that this is Egypt, which is based on love and embraces everyone with their different beliefs.

Abanoub told Sky News Arabia that his attachment to the month of Ramadan began in elementary school, when he used to sit with his peers, Muslim children, making Ramadan decorations out of paper, hanging them on the street and connecting them from their balcony to the balcony of their neighbors.

Abanob said that his family used to bring him every year since childhood a lantern to celebrate Ramadan like his Muslim peers, and since then he feels great joy whenever he sees Ramadan lanterns in the streets.

He confirms that he loves his adornment and joy during Ramadan, which fill the streets, as well as his songs that he memorizes by heart, especially the song “Fasting is not like that” by Fouad Al-Mohandes and Shwikar.

Although he works as a skilled cook, Abanoub confirms that he rejoices when his Muslim friends invite him to breakfast or suhoor with them, and he loves the famous Ramadan breakfast foods, especially the famous first day meal in Egypt: duck and stuffed.

Abanoub waits for the cannon to fire daily; After breakfast, he went with his Muslim friends to go out in the streets of Cairo with the Ramadan rituals.

He said, “This year, I participated with my Muslim friends in preparing Ramadan cartons for the needy, and I felt great and indescribable joy.”

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