The Sun: The Senegalese fans targeted Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian national team players with lasers


The British newspaper, The Sun, shed light on the behavior of Senegalese fans towards the Egyptian national team players, led by Mohamed Salah, in the qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Sadio Mane led Senegal to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, after defeating Egypt on penalties.

And “The Sun” titled its report: “Loss of focus… Targeting Mohamed Salah And his teammates in the Egyptian national team laser beamed during the World Cup qualifiers against Senegal led by Sadio Mane.

The newspaper pointed out that Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian team were targeted with a laser during the decisive match in the World Cup qualifiers against Senegal.

The Pharaohs narrowly advanced in the second leg after defeating their guest, the African Cup of Nations champions, 1-0 last Friday.

The report continued, noting that the confrontation was on an equal footing after only 4 minutes of the second leg, as Hamdi Fathi gave Senegal with a reverse goal, and they tied 1-1 in the two matches.

Goals and penalty kicks for the Egypt-Senegal match

The report continued, explaining that Egypt’s players had to deal with a major distraction during the match, thanks to the host country’s fans, as Salah and the rest of his teammates in Egypt were exposed to laser beams in their eyes throughout the match.

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Every time the cameras took a close-up of one of the Egyptian players, green lights flashed across their faces.

She indicated that Salah and his fellow Liverpool star Sadio Mane played relatively calm matches with their countries, and nothing could separate the two teams after 90 minutes, as the match went to extra time.

Egypt Who looked to avenge her defeat in the Nations Cup final against Senegal last month, she lost with Salah and his companions on penalties.


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