The temptation is melting.. Demi Rose shows off her huge breasts with a hot look that revealed more than she hid!!


International supermodel Demi Rose showed off her breasts with photos she posted on her social networking site.

Demi Rose posted pictures of her chest and a view from the window of her home in California, and commented shockingly: “The view.”

The pictures sparked controversy among the public, especially the comment she wrote, because of her review of her chest in this way.

It is noteworthy that the international supermodel had spread pictures of her before the plastic surgeries that she underwent on her body, as it appears from these pictures that the size of her chest was smaller than the current size she is showing.

She is topless in her photo sessions, in addition to a very old picture of her buttocks relaxing in the sun on the sea, and it seems that she also enlarged it through injections and surgeries.

Demi Rose chose to highlight her charms, which the audience discovered were fake and not real, and all of them were the work of her plastic surgeons.


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