The terrifying and frightening appearance of the famous heroine of the series Raafat Al-Hagan (Taysir Fahmy) .. Watch how she looked today … Time betrayed her and turned her into a terrifying zombie in the form of a human being


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Tayseer Fahmy is an asset in drama and cinema that contains many important works that cannot be forgotten, despite her being away from the art scene for years, but she is considered one of the important actresses of the eighties and nineties generation, and she continued to advance the championship at the beginning of the new millennium.

On May 18, 1955, Tayseer Hassan Mahmoud Fahmy was born, and she graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1977, and initially worked in the Youth Theater in addition to providing small cinematic roles during her studies, and also presented at the time many important plays such as “When They said, “Wow, his guardian, his guardian, and Horus.”

Her work in the mid-seventies was Tayseer Fahmy, a new face in the movie “The Saleswoman of Love”, which was shown in 1975, and then she participated in the movie “Rising to the Abyss” in 1978 and “Lovers under Twenty”, and with the beginning of the eighties, specifically in 1982, she participated in the championship in front of Ahmed Zaki in the movie “The Flood No. 70”, and two years later they presented the movie “The Promised Night”.

In 1968, she presented the movie “Al-Tawt wa Alnbut”, but then moved away from the cinema and focused on drama, but her cinematic return was through the movie “The Devil Offers a Solution” in 1991. Then she presented the turtles” in 1996 and in 2000 she presented the movie “Don’t Kill Love and Divorce Oath” And in 2002, she presented “Whale Hunting”, which was the last movie she appeared in.

In the TV drama, Tayseer Fahmy starred in many works, the most important of which are “The Sons of But” and the series “Raafat Al-HajanThe Price of Love, Cave, Illusion, Love, Living, Salt, Eagle of the East, Bird in the Rain, Journey of a Lifetime, Heart of the World, Heaven and Fire, Places in the Heart, and the Order of Removal.” Artistic for her through the series “Bel Fael”, which was shown in 2012.

Taysir Fahmy married twice, the first to Samir Hegazy, who died after a traffic accident, and then she met businessman Dr. Ahmed Abu Bakr, who has American citizenship, and he resides in America, but he comes to Egypt a little, and he lives with her in the same building, and he fell in love with her Without knowing that she was an artist, she exchanged love for him and admired his personality, and he proposed to her and established an art production company for her, producing many works for her.

For obtaining American citizenship by virtue of her marriage, Tayseer Fahmy was accused of being a foreign agent for her participation in the January 25, 2011 revolution, and her denunciation of the regime of the late former Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, but she insisted on participating in overthrowing the regime at the time, and founded and headed the Equality and Development Party. She was also known for her attack on the Muslim Brotherhood.

In an interview she gave at the time, Tayseer Fahmy said that she believed that her duty was limited to presenting good art that serves community issues, but art is not a sufficient weapon to bring about the required change, and the artist, like any other citizen, must express his practical commitment and move in the field for the freedom and dignity of a people.

She retired from art for the sake of politics in 2013. Tayseer Fahmy announced her final decision to quit art without returning, in an interview with her on one of the programs. She said that the political street is witnessing its best condition and that she retired in order to run in the parliamentary elections at that time, as she nominated herself in The People’s Assembly elections for the Qasr al-Nil constituency, through her “Equality and Development” party, but she returned and decided not to run for office and also not to return to representation.

Tayseer Fahmy decided to settle with her husband in America, and she kept coming to Egypt on a few visits because her husband was busy with his private investments there, and this made her prefer to live in peace, and she received the Seattle City Medal for the best representative of the Arab communities in 2008.

Dina El-Sherini accused of stealing her series in “Malika” during the presentation of the series “Malika” by Egyptian actress Dina El-Sherbiny. In turn, Tayseer Fahmy, and Amy, presented by the Egyptian actressOla Ghanem, lived, but the distortion of her face made the doctor perform plastic surgery for her, which Maggie made her even in her voice.


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