The trailer overturned and turned into a trap for 10 cars.. what happened on the road


12:19 PM

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

The water mist that obscured the view caused a terrible collision between 11 cars on the “Alexandria-Cairo” desert road, this morning, Wednesday, injuring at least 20 people and paralyzing traffic in the direction of Cairo.

The initial inspection revealed the imbalance of the steering wheel in the hands of the driver of the car transported with the trailer number “SFR 7586”, which led to its swerving and colliding with the central island and overturning.

The transport vehicle turned into a trap due to the mist and lack of visibility on the Alexandria Desert Road, colliding with 10 cars in turn, one after the other, including angel cars, microbus and transport, one of them laden with stones.

The accident, which came minutes after the opening of the Alexandria Desert Road after it was closed due to heavy fog, paralyzed traffic towards Cairo, the entrance to Alexandria, and the ring road.

The Moharram Bey Police Department had received a report stating that there had been a collision between several cars under the Hassan Allam Bridge on the Alexandria Desert Road, towards Cairo, and that there were injured.

Officers of the department, civil protection, ambulance and traffic moved to the scene of the accident, and the examination revealed that a transport vehicle had overturned with a trailer

And 10 other cars collided with the aforementioned transport vehicle due to the water mist, which led to its crash and paralyzed traffic on the Alexandria Desert Road.

The accident resulted in the injury of 20 people, some of them in a critical condition, and the injured were transferred to “Jamal Hamada, Karmouz and Al Amiri” hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.

Edited the necessary record of the incident, and the Public Prosecution began the investigation.

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