The West is lenient in sanctions.. The figures of the Russian rich reveal the hidden


And “Bloomberg” reported that this means leaving a group of powerful Russian super-rich, known as “Bloomberg”.oligarchsThey enjoy freedom of movement, without legal restrictions.

In all, before the war, wealthy Russians with no less than $200 billion were subjected to the blows of Western sanctions.

But the list of sanctioned and unsanctioned Russian businessmen reveals a mixture of cross-border sanctions policy, which has saved many of these, who have business interests in prominent global markets.

The sanctions came in an attempt to isolate Russia from the global banking system and put pressure on the president Vladimir Putinwhile minimizing the repercussions of this step on the global economy.

For example, Britain punished only 10 of the richest Russians, the European Union punished 9 of them, while the United States only punished 4.

And only three names were repeated in the list of sanctioned by the European Union, Britain and America.

Among the Russian businessmen, who were not affected by the sanctions: Vagit Alekperov, head of the Russian oil company “Lukoil”, Leonid Mikhelson, a shareholder in “Novatek”, the second largest gas company in Russia, and billionaire Vladimir Lisin, the steel tycoon in Russia.

Experts say that the decision to exclude a number of the richest Russians from the sanctions is partly due to the “decisive stakes” they own in energy, mineral, fertilizer and weapons companies.

“There are reasons to go after some (Russian) oligarchs, and there are other reasons to stop pursuing others,” said John Smith, the former head of the sanctions unit at the US Treasury.

“Maybe it’s because they are thought to be close to the Kremlin’s decision-making process or it may be too difficult to sanction them at first, or governments want to put in place a plan before they pull the trigger,” he added.

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