The will of the artist Ahmed Halawa cries the hearts of millions.. You will not believe what he asked Ashraf Zaki in the last call before his death!


A comprehensive artist, one of his councillors, or the young people who worked alongside him, did not disagree with his unique talent on stage and on both large and small screens. A clear imprint left by the able Egyptian actor Ahmed Halawa (January 7, 1949 – March 25, 2022) in every film, series and play in which he participated. .

And last Friday, March 25, the artist Ahmed Halawa passed away at the age of 73, leaving a record full of distinguished artworks in a career in which Zamil senior stars.

After his death, many fans were interested in knowing the will of the late Ahmed Halawa, which he left before he left life, when he sensed that his journey had ended after he possessed the Corona virus from his body and his health deteriorated due to its complications.

The will of the artist Ahmed Halawa, the brother of the artist, Ahmed Halawa, revealed the will of the late to him and his family, during an interview with Et in Arabic, after the end of the funeral ceremony of Ahmed Halawa, which was held after the noon prayer today, saying: “His will is for us not to separate his sisters, children and grandchildren, that they always remain together.”

And Ahmed Halawas brother expressed that the rumors that spread on the social networking site a lot before his death and what was written bothered them a lot, calling on everyone to stop spreading and promoting these rumors and false news.

Regarding his last will, he said: “He did not leave a written will, but there are traditions in the family, and they are always followed in cases of death.”


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