They jumped from the tenth floor. A newlywed committed suicide hours after their wedding


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The investigation authorities in Giza, Egypt, began their investigations into the suicide of two newlyweds a few hours after their wedding in the Talbieh area, by jumping from the balcony of their apartment.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the young man and the girl got married on the night of the incident, and that they decided to jump from the balcony of their apartment on the tenth floor in the Talbieh area, and the people were surprised by their fall.

Investigations confirmed that the deceased were A.A., 25 years old, and A.M., 30, who ended their lives by jumping from the tenth floor, several hours after their wedding, and there is no criminal suspicion behind the incident, according to Egyptian media.

The investigation authorities are scheduled to listen to the statements of the families of the deceased to find out the reasons, while they authorized the burial of the two bodies after filing the forensic report.


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