This child presented the most famous films with the artist, Adel Imam, and a medical error ended his life .. You will not believe who he is? (picture)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The pioneers of the communication sites circulated a picture of a child and written on it that he had become a famous artist who starred in acting with the leader, and immediately many audiences interacted with her and sparked a state of controversy in the comments, divided over who this artist is.

It is the late able artist “Ahmed Ratib”, who was re-circulated by the pioneers of the communication sites, a picture of him as a young child, and the picture received a large number of likes and comments, and the interaction of followers who praised him and his innocence at that age.

The late artist Ahmed Ratib was famous for a number of roles. No one can forget the character of the plastic artist Essawy, who refuses to shower to be a chaotic artist in the movie “Ya Rab Walad.” And many characters presented by the late Egyptian actor Ahmed Ratib, who was able to combine all kinds of roles, both comedic and tragic, and presented them with ingenuity and skill that made him a great place in the heart of his fans, although he did not get the absolute championship.

(Ahmed Kamal El-Din Ratib) and his fame Ahmed Ratib was born on the twenty-third of January 1949, and his love for art began as a young child in school, and he participated in plays in the school acting team, and even after joining the Faculty of Engineering, he also joined the private acting team With it, he joined the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, obtained a BA as well, and began his artistic journey, which was characterized by his simple, easy, and abstaining performance.

In the seventies, the beginning was for Ahmed Ratib, but with very small roles. In 1973, Ahmed Ratib participated in the movie “City of Silence”, and three years later he participated in “We Begin from Minin the Story”, “The Mirrors”, “The Last Respected Men” and “The House of Minors”. , and “Ya Rab Walad”, through which he became famous as “Esawy” until this character became an icon.

Among the films in which he also participated are: (Love on the Pyramid Plateau, Danger Bells, Accusation, A Woman of Fire, The Night of the Arrest of Bagizah and Zaghloul, Money and Monsters, Saying Bahr, Girls in Downtown, Life is Ultimate Pleasure, the Price of a Dozen Evil, and an industrial bump , and one of the people, and in the Heliopolis apartment, and the Blycho, and Captain Hema).

19 works with the leader, Adel Imam, Ahmed Ratib participated in many works with the great leader, Adel Imam, as in: (Shaaban is below zero, and he fought against anyone. Smoke does not fly, the island of Satan, the forgotten, the terrorist, the birds of darkness, Bakhit and Adela, the Danish experience, the embassy in Amarah, and the play “The Leader”.

In the TV drama, Ahmed Ratib was famous for many characters, as he presented the character “Al-Qasbaji” in the series “Umm Kulthum”, and the famous “Sahat” character that he presented in the series “The Money and the Children”, “Love and its Sunna” and “Raafat Al-Hagan” and “Gate” Halawani”.

Ahmed Ratib married the daughter of his uncle Vera Youssef, and the story began when she visited him in the floating theater, after which he asked her to marry immediately. Three daughters, Lubna and the twins, Lamis and Lamia, and his wife revealed that he cried as soon as she was born the second time, as he was very sensitive, and he was deeply affected at the time of his daughters’ marriage.

A medical error that ended his life At the end of his life, Ahmed Ratib was exposed to some chest pains, he had water on his lung, so the doctor gave him medicines without telling him when to stop them, because they cause problems if they exceed three months, and because he did not realize the danger of continuing with these medicines for a period For a long time, he paid with his life for this medical error.

These medications caused him great damage to his kidneys, and he was constantly in the hospital a year before his death, and he suffered in the last period of his life until his condition deteriorated.

Ahmed Ratib died on December 14, 2016, at the age of 67, in a hospital in Mohandessin, after suffering from shortness of breath and a heart attack, and he was keen to attend his condolences to a large number of stars of the artistic community.


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