This little girl grew up and became a famous actress.. She married 9 men, studied philosophy, and broke the rules in the Arab world.. You wouldn’t expect who she was (photo)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Dina Talaat Sayed Mohamed, 56 years old, born in 1965, graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy, Ain Shams University, and holds a master's degree in Philosophy.

Dina loved dancing because of the dancer, Farida Fahmy, and decided to professionalize it, after she was deeply affected by her, and she joined all the teams, including the teams of Samir Sabry and Hassan Afifi. She became a professional dancer at the age of 15, when she was in high school, and joined the “Rida” troupe, and she had a fixed wage. She ran away from her home at the age of 17, after her family refused her professional belly dancing, and her father quarreled with her for two years, because he refused her decision.

Chosen by a French publishing house as a symbol of an influential figure who broke the rules in the Middle East, she published a book in French entitled: “My Freedom to Dance”.

Her first film was “Al-Bandira” in 1987, and she participated in more than 65 cinematic and television works. She has one play, which is: “Alabanda” with Ahmed El-Sakka and Sherif Mounir, and a video clip with “El-Sakka” entitled: “Ya Mughnawati”.


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