This strange diet lost the artist Sabreen 30 kilos of weight in just a few weeks .. You will not believe what she was doing daily??


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Because of her famous role in the Umm Kulthum series, the artist Sabreen gained excess weight and then disappeared from the spotlight to return years later with a slim figure.

Sabreen’s fans were surprised by the great weight loss that the latter achieved, as she lost nearly 30 kilograms of weight within 3 months.

Sabreen announced the diet she adopted to lose weight, as she underwent a very harsh diet, in addition to that she adopted the practice of walking long distances on an empty stomach while drinking a large amount of water daily.

Sabreen confirmed that she followed a diet based on eating fresh vegetables and fruits and completely abstaining from sugars and starches that might weaken her on holidays and occasions only.

It is mentioned that Sabreen’s latest work is the movie “The Man and the Nems”, starring Mohamed Henedy, Menna Shalaby, Amr Abdel Galil, Bayoumi Fouad, Arefa Abdel Rasoul, Mahmoud Hafez, Donia Maher, Sherif Desouky, in addition to the participation of a number of artists as guests of honor. The film is a story and directed by Sharif Arafa, and a script and dialogue by Sharif Arafa, Karim Hassan Bashir.


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