Tik Tok is testing the “Watch History” feature to enable the user to find videos he has watched


TikTok appears to be testing a new watch history feature, which gives a straightforward way to browse the playlist of videos watched on the app, as social media consultant Matt Navarra, republished the findings of Twitter user Hammod Oh, who frequently reveals More features coming on different social platforms. Also, the ‘Watching history’ option will appear under ‘Content and Activity’ in your settings, The verege quoted TechCrunch as saying.

There is still a lot of detail about what your Watch History page will look like or how it will collect videos you’ve watched previously.

The lack of a watch history button has led most of us to search for workarounds – and while there are some solutions, they’re nowhere near as simple as clicking the watch history button. One process involves filtering search results by the videos you’ve watched, while another requires you to download all of your TikTok data just to find one video. If TikTok came up with this feature, it should save us all a lot of time.


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