To celebrate the Lions’ qualification for the World Cup.. a white night in the streets of Morocco


A white night spent Moroccans In the streets of various cities, car alarms were raised and throats were bare due to the frequent cheers of joy, and flags were flown in celebration of the achievement of lions and their devouring of leopards in a play-off match, in which Morocco qualified for the world Cup Four goals to one.

public wedding

at White HouseThe Moroccans formed continuous processions with cars and motorbikes along the streets of Hassan II, the Royal Army, the Rodani, the United Nations Square and the Arab League Square, and from there to the Ain Diab Corniche, in which the chants were mixed with ululating.

Also in the capital, Rabat, thousands of Moroccans took to the main streets, from Hay Riad to Agdal to the Mohammed V arcade, unleashing car horns and exchanging congratulations as if they were in a wedding that everyone knew each other, and pride filled their chests with the achievement of lions, and they booked a ticket to cross to Qatar World Cup.

The scene was also repeated in the city squares TangiersIn the north of the country, where the Place des Nations, Malabata Street, the city center “the Boulevard” and the coastal road of Marqala were filled with hundreds of women and men to share the joy of winning, not caring about the cold weather, cheering under the rain of goodness with the achievement of the Atlas Lions.

Players Warehouse

National voter Vahid Halilhodzic danced with the Moroccan national team players to celebrate qualification for the World Cup. Some of them posted on their social media accounts videos documenting the wave of joy inside the clothing store.

Halilhodzic celebrated with Achraf Hakimi, a team player Paris Saint-Germain The French, Munir El Haddadi, the winger of the Spanish club Seville, and Salim Amlah, the midfielder for the Belgian team Standard Dulij.

Hakimi, Al-Hadadi, Amlah and Tisodale appeared at the top of ecstasy while embracing the coach, who expressed a lot of his joy, as this was evident on his face, after he was recently subjected to harsh criticism, which amounted to his demand to leave by the Moroccan fans.

and spread the mourning On his Instagram page, a video of him, accompanied by his colleagues, chanted a well-known slogan in Morocco: “Congratulations to us, this is the beginning, it is still.” That is, they are looking forward to more victories, and this is only the beginning of the title-winning journey.

For his part, Ashraf Hakimi tweeted on Instagram, posting a picture of him in which he appears with a name, and commented: “To the World Cup, this is what you deserve.”

As for goalkeeper Yassine Bounou, who is bedridden with a head injury after colliding twice in a row during the match, he wrote: “Thank you all for your messages. Congratulations to all the Moroccans for qualifying. Morocco, West, sunset Present in the World Cup.”

In turn, Faouzi Lekjaa, president of the Moroccan Football Association, said in statements to “Al Riyadiah” channel (official):Moroccan national team He played a great game and deserved to win.”

He continued, “I thank the Moroccan fans who attended the stadium. They played a major role in winning the quadruple.”

He pointed out: “We have overcome several difficulties, after the obstacles that were in Kinshasa, but we believed in the capabilities of the players.”

The king is the first to congratulate

hastened King Mohammed VIto congratulate the members of the national team on the occasion of their qualification for the FIFA World Cup 2022, immediately after the final whistle.

Thus, the King made a phone call to Fawzi Lekjaa, the national team coach and team captain Roman Sais, where he expressed his warm congratulations to the players and the technical and administrative staff for their best efforts and imprint on a distinguished path that culminated in this great achievement.

In a telegram sent to the national team, the King expressed that he is proud to address all components of our brilliant national team, including players, coaches, technical and medical staff, executives and managers of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, “with his warmest congratulations and blessings for this well-deserved achievement, thanks to what The players showed him throughout the phases of these qualifiers, high performance, high sportsmanship and competitiveness, and exemplary national zeal.”

The king added that “as much as he appreciates this second qualification in a row and the sixth of its kind, which pleased him and the Moroccan people as a whole, he expressed full certainty that it will constitute a strong incentive to persevere and redouble efforts, so that the results of the national team in the next phases are at the level of brilliance and giving of its talented players.” .


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