Top of the hand .. Zamalek beat Al-Ahly and crowned the league


The first handball team of Zamalek FC won the Egyptian Pro League title for the fourth consecutive season, after defeating its arch-rivals Al-Ahly.

Zamalek beat Al-Ahly 29-22 in the match that brought them together at the “Hassan Mustafa” hall in the competition for the second and final combined session to compete for the title of the Egyptian Men’s Professional League season (2021-2022).

Zamalek reached the 19th point to win the professional league title, while Al-Ahly’s score rose to 15.5 points in second place in the standings.

Zamalek needed at least a draw in order to win the league title for the fourth consecutive season, while Al-Ahly had no choice but to win the league title.

The first 5 minutes of the match witnessed a great advantage from Zamalek and advanced 3-1 after brilliance from Zamalek goalkeeper Karim Hendawy, who saved two shots.

Ahmed Al-Ahmar, the captain of Zamalek, missed a penalty kick. After 10 minutes, the score became 3-4 for Al-Abyad, amid attempts by Al-Ahly players to modify the result.

Al-Ahly suffered from a numerical shortage after stopping two minutes for both Mustafa Khalil and Ibrahim Al-Masry, despite that, Al-Ahmar managed to adjust the result 5-5 in the 14th minute.

Karim Hendawy continued his brilliance and succeeded in stopping alone completely to maintain the lead of Zamalek 6-5, despite Ahmed Al-Ahmar wasting a new penalty throw.

The 22nd minute witnessed Al-Ahly’s first lead in the match with a score of 7-6, but soon Zamalek managed to adjust the result 7-7.

Zamalek managed, despite the numerical shortage, to break the tie until the difference became two goals for Al-Abyad in the 27th minute, with a score of 10-8.

Al-Ahly players made more than one mistake in defense and attack, Zamalek succeeded in exploiting them to make the score 13-8 before the end of the first half.

Zamalek continued its brilliance in the second half, amid great mistakes by Al-Ahly players in defense and attack, so the difference expanded to 7 points in favor of Al-Abyad after 5 minutes, making the score 17-10.

The difference reached 10 points after 10 minutes of the second half, after great brilliance from Karim Hindawi and many shots, and the glow of Ahmed Al-Ahmar and Yahya Al-Daraa in the attack.

Mahmoud Khalil Felfl participated in the substitute goalkeeper of Zamalek and succeeded in blocking two penalty throws, to contribute to maintaining the 10-goal difference, making the score 28-18 after 25 minutes.

Al-Ahly managed to reduce the difference in the last 5 minutes, after the first reached 11 goals, making the score 28-21.

The rhythm of the match calmed down in the last minutes after it was confirmed that Zamalek decided the top of the hand in his favour, and the match ended with the victory of Al-Abyad, 29-22.

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