Tunisia rejoices over the “Carthage Eagles” qualification for the 2022 World Cup


As soon as the Senegalese referee, Magith Ndaye, blew his whistle, announcing the end of the match hosted by the Olympic Stadium of Rades, with a draw without goals, and Tunisia qualified for the finals after winning the total of the home and away matches with a goal without return, until the joys began in the streets and squares in a number of governorates of the country, while witnessing Rades stadium hysterical joy among the fans, who shared with the players the celebrations of qualification.

In a country living under the impact of a stifling political and economic crisis and deteriorating social conditions, the qualification of the “Carthage Eagles” was the most prominent event ever, as images of the players’ and fans’ joy topped the social media platforms.

The official page of the presidency was published Republic of Tunisia Pictures of President Qais Saeed’s reception of the elected officials and members of the administrative and technical staff to congratulate them on the achievement and praise what they have achieved for the benefit of the people and the country.

And the page of the Presidency of the Republic stated: “The President received Kais SaiedOn Wednesday, at the Carthage Palace, members of the Tunisian national football team, after securing qualification for the World Cup, congratulated the players and all the administrative, technical and medical framework on the occasion of the national football team’s candidacy for the 2022 World Cup, and praised the efforts made to achieve this. Significant achievement.

In turn, the Tunisian newspapers and other media outlets praised what they considered a new achievement for Tunisian sports by the football team and “a dose of hope for the people who are still living under the impact of an unprecedented political, social and economic crisis.”

Al-Sabah published on its front page a giant picture of the national team players’ joy moments after the end of the Mali match, while conveying the breathtaking atmosphere of the match and its happy ending, according to the newspaper’s description.

For its part, Al-Shorouk daily newspaper devoted a large part of its edition on Wednesday to talk about the Carthage Eagles’ qualification for the Qatar 2022 finals.

In an article entitled “The national team in the World Cup for the sixth time: Tunisia rejoices”, the newspaper focused on the importance of qualifying for the World Cup and its positive repercussions, not only on football, but also on the deteriorating social conditions in the country.

The newspaper praised the large crowd at the Rades stadium, which represented an important moral incentive to push the Carthage Eagles towards the qualification paper, which was much more difficult than expected, according to what was stated in the article.

coach praised Tunisia national team Jalal Al-Qadri praised the heroic performance of his players and the high spirits that they showed in order to qualify for the finals, adding that the match was not easy at all and that he was fully aware, like the players and the technical staff, that the Malian team would be a strong match and a difficult competitor.

After qualifying, Al-Qadri said: “We achieved the important thing, which is qualifying. We were shackled by the pressure of the result and by the fear of leaving gaps in the defense. We succeeded in our mission, and I can now congratulate the Tunisian people on this achievement, and we promise the fans who supported us throughout the qualifying stages to continue to shine in the finals.”

In turn, the assistant coach of the Tunisian national team, Ali Boumnigel, confirmed that “the team brought joy to the entire country in a difficult stage that it is going through.” Tunisia On many levels, we desperately needed this kind of joy and to prove that football can make millions of Tunisians happy.”

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Bomnigel said: “The players showed great determination and stubbornly defended the team’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup. Great for us throughout the match.”

Boomingel, who participated with the Tunisian national team on 3 previous occasions in the finals, made a statement world Cup As a player, in the 1998, 2002 and 2006 sessions, he was happy to contribute to Tunisia reaching the World Cup as a coach as well, saying: “I consider myself lucky to be the only Tunisian to participate in the World Cup on four occasions as a player and as a coach. Qatar World Cup 2022.

By qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022, the Tunisian national team participated in the World Cup finals for the sixth time in its history, after the 1978, 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2018 sessions. It was also the first Arab and African team to win the World Cup finals, when it defeated Mexico (3-1). In the World Cup Argentina 1978.


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