Tunisia thwarts a coup attempt against legitimacy.. Details of a hot night that ended with the dissolution of Parliament


The President of the Republic of Tunisia announced Kais SaiedOn Wednesday, Parliament was dissolved based on the 72nd Chapter of the Constitution, describing the parliamentary plenary session, which was held yesterday, as a “failed coup attempt.”

Qais Saeed said, in response to a session Tunisian Parliament Frozen “If they want to divide the country and sow discord, then the stars of the sky are closer to them than that, and what they are doing now is an open conspiracy against the security of the state.. He spoke to the Minister of Justice so that the Public Prosecution office would do its part.“.

The Tunisian president added: “We have a responsibility to preserve the security, unity and continuity of Tunisia, and we will not allow the abusers to continue their aggression against the institutions and capabilities of the people, and we will not let them continue their outwardly exposed labour.”“.

He continued in a speech addressed to the Tunisian people on Wednesday evening: “There is no legitimacy or legality for what they are doing, since there is no legal value for any alleged decision. What they are doing today is nonsense and delirium that rises to the level of crime and conspiracy against state security.”“.

And he added, “The torrential torrent has reached, and we will bear the full responsibility to save the country from the enemies who lie in wait and plot against it from within and without.”“.

confirmed Tunisian President Qais Saeed said that any resort to violence will be confronted with the law, within the framework of respect for the law, and with the military armed forces and the civil armed forces, because the state will never be a toy between the hands of those who tried to overthrow it..

And he said HappyAddressing his words to Tunisians: “Let us all be safe, because there are state institutions in place and there are people who will protect the state from those who have the idea of ​​the group, not the idea of ​​the state,” according to his expression..

This is the first session of the Tunisian Parliament since Saeed decided to suspend his work last summer.

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