UAE qualifies for the “World Cup Supplement”


The victory was enough for the Emirates, regardless of the result of their pursuit in third place, Iraq, which tied 1-1 with Syria at the same time in the first group.

And the winner between the UAE and Australia in Doha on June 7 faces the fifth South American qualifier (Peru, Colombia or Chile) on a ticket that qualifies to Qatar World Cup.

Iran and South Korea had previously qualified for this group, and Japan and Saudi Arabia for the second time, in which Australia came third.

Iran finished the group in the lead with 25 points after its victory, Tuesday, against its Lebanese guest 2-0, in front of South Korea (23), and by a large difference from the Emirates (12) and Iraq (9), and Syria and Lebanon (6).

And he scored for the UAE national team, which hopes to reach the finals for the second time in its history after 1990, when it was eliminated from the group stage, the young wing. fight Abdullah The beginning of the second half with a ground shot after a single effort on the left flank (54).

And the UAE put an end to the South Korea series, which did not lose in the third round.


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